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Introducing Coach Comments

Posted by Sid Viswanathan

February 2, 2016

Coach Profiles

Each week as our content and community continues to grow, we keep setting daily and weekly records across all categories including new coaches, number of videos, and video views. So to keep our early momentum in 2016 going strong, we are announcing the launch of coach comments to the Insider Training community today.

Coach comments are the best way for our community of elite performance professionals to engage with each other's content. This rich conversation back and forth allows even the best coaches in the world to learn from each other and get a deeper look into why coaches are implementing certain movements into their training regimens for athletes.

For athletes and sports enthusiasts, coach comments provide an even deeper look into the 'why' and 'how' behind each video on the platform. While captions, cues and reps/sets info provide rich context, comments take you one step further to get inside the training philosophies of the world's best sports performance coaches.